Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things That Keep Me Up At Night: Famous People Edition

Famous people and twitter, to be exact.

We all probably know a crazy fangirl personally or at least have heard of them. A couple of my friends in high school were absolutely obsessed with boy bands COUGH one direction COUGH, which is absolutely fine. I happen to enjoy math and nerdy things and sports, they happen to love a band. But it went so far that they even had twitter accounts whose sole purposes were just to talk about the dudes in the band and make speculations about every aspect of their life and to defend them against anyone who would dare say something bad about them.

This is where I stop understanding the logic. Their main goal in life was to be followed by Niall or Harry or whomever because it was a thing that happened. These boys followed thousands of people and a lot of them were just fan accounts. What celebrity would want their twitter timeline to be absolutely filled with random people only EVER talking about said celebrity? I don't think anyone would want to check twitter and just see updates about themselves.

Obviously it's really nice of the famous person to follow their fans and pretty much make their entire life so, if I were one of these famous people, I'd have a secret account where I could follow whoever I wanted in peace and check that timeline instead. I'd still tweet from the verified one and reply to people via that one but there'd be the secret side one.

I wonder if any celebrities do that? What do you guys think? Or am I the first person ever to have this idea (I think not)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Things That Keep Me Up All Night: Catching Fire Edition

This is super trivial but I guess that's just how my brain works.

As you know, I saw Catching Fire a couple weeks ago. But seeing it reminded me of something I had wondered after reading the book. Namely, what were the remaining sections of the clock arena??

According to the Hunger Games wiki, the known sections were: lightning storm, blood rain, poisonous fog, monkey mutts, jabberjays, beast, giant wave, insects. That leaves 4 mystery sections.

More were mentioned in the book than in the movie but we still don't know the full 12 and will most likely never know. And it is completely unimportant to everything but some little part of me really wants to know what the gamemaker would have put.

What do you guys think? What things would have been horrendous enough to be included in the clock arena?

While we're on this topic, I need to get something else off my chest. I never fully understood how the arena could be controlled so well from so far away. How in the world do you control a poisonous gas so that it doesn't infiltrate another sector? And how do you make it dissipate so quickly. I get that it's a futuristic society but some sort of logic would be helpful. For example, the blood rain could come from sprinklers set into the trees. The monkeys have been mutated and could have hardware programming when to go bananas if you'll pardon my pun.

Friday, November 29, 2013


It's the final countdown...

There are only 2 more days until school is over and then I'll only have exams to worry about, hallelujah! I can see the finish line coming ahead and am pretty much functioning on adrenaline and pure will power right now. I still have about 4 more assignments and a paper to whip out before I can fully immerse myself in cramming the whole semester back into my head.

But I can't complain because my sister who's still in high school still has two more months of this semester and will probably be stressing about her summatives during the break while I get to go school supplies shopping!! Can you believe I actually filled up my notebook with notes? (What else would I fill it with, notes?) But it had almost 400 pages in it and practically all of them are covered in my semi-comprehensible scrawl.

I'm kind of scared for exams, three hours of sitting down and writing while being stressed out is not my cup of tea, especially because I can't stay still for that long. They only exams in high school that even got close to the three hour mark were my grade 11 and 12 physics ones and I was literally dancing in my seat trying to finish up. And what even is checking over your answers; that never happened. (that semicolon usage thanks to my technical report writing class. I did learn some useful things there apparently.) BUT that is not the attitude I'm going into them with, no sirree I love sitting and solving math problems it's what I live for.

Kind of embarrassed to say this so imma shove this paragraph in between the others and hope you non-existent readers don't notice it. I'm really going to miss my engineering mechanics discussion group because for one it was a really small class so I didn't feel overwhelmed and could actually ask questions and then secondly my TA was certifiably hot and that is a thing that I will miss.

Weird to think that more than half of my new friends will be leaving for a while once exams finish since they're all from "Toronto" and by "Toronto" I mean a tiny town that is anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half away from Toronto. I'm not used to everyone not being from Ottawa. Oh well, that means I'm obligated to hang out with fewer people over the holidays and can spend the time not working insane holiday hours destressing and doing pointless things like knitting mittens.

Sorry about this mind dump, I don't post very much personal stuff here so let me know if this is a good thing or if you just want my book reviews and list posts and things like that.

me sprinting away once school is over

Thursday, November 28, 2013


As you all may or may not know, I am a girl in mechanical engineering. I'm not making myself to be special or superior to any other person in any other program but it's just a fact of life that you don't see that every day.

When you meet people, you obviously have to go through the small talk of school and what program you're studying. It's inevitable. I think asking people what book they're currently reading is a much more interesting form of small talk. I am going to make that a thing. But of course, when I tell people what I'm studying, I get THE BEST reactions. They're usually extreme and there's always the typical ones but I've gotten some pretty atypical ones. Since I get a kick out of them, I figured you dudes might too and this is what the rest of this post entails.

1. Wide eyes. This is usually when they're trying to mask the fact that they had a reaction altogether and go on to regular answer like "Oh, are you liking it?" and "Are you living in residence?"

2. "I'm so glad there are people like you..." This comes from people who can't believe anyone would want to continue doing math voluntarily. They kind of make a joke where they're thankful that "people like me" exist because if it were up to them to do what I will be doing once
I graduate the world would start crumbling in on itself.

3. Genuine questions. There are people who know a few things about the classes I'm taking and ask how I'm finding them and all that. I like giving them feedback.

4. The future-thinkers. These are the same people that always asked what you were going to major in back when you were in high school. Now that you've got that pretty much cemented in, they move on to the next big milestone: your career. You are asked what you plan to do with your degree and where you'd like to live and basically all the questions that make you want to go back to kindergarten where everything was safe and certain.

It's always the creepy old people too
5. BOYS. WINK. This reaction is by far the creepiest and kind of the most insulting. This is where they point out that engineering is mostly filled with people with XY chromosomes. They ask for ratios of girls to guys in your classes, and, inevitably, talk about how easy it will be for me to find a boyfriend. Like whoa, who has time for a love life when you're taking these kinds of classes. That is definitely not my number one priority.

6. Doom predictors. These people know of other people who also decided that they could handle becoming an engineer but ended up doing really badly or dropping out or switching to a different program and on the outside I'm all like cool story bro but on the inside I freak out because it's not like I was a child prodigy or anything I've had to work hard and what if it's not enough and my entire life falls to pieces before my eyes.

Your turn! Tell me about the funniest or most insulting or best reactions to whatever you're doing with your life!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Fire Has Caught

My thoughts are incoherent now.

I just spent two and a half hours in the theatre absolutely glued to that massive screen literally watching the contents of the second Hunger Games book play out. Yes, I have just finished watching Catching Fire.

There was so little deviation from the actual thing, I couldn't believe it. I must admit, I haven't read the book in a couple years and went into that cinema not really remembering the actual plot line at all. BUT I remembered as the movie progressed and man was it accurate. There may have been some things that were missed or changed and someone somewhere on the internet has probably pointed them out but they were not stupifyingly obvious so I'd cut the movie some slack.

So since it was exactly the book in movie picture format, we don't have to worry about the plot. Plot was amazing, and it still ended with a crazy cliffhanger so all the people who hadn't read the book in the theatre were all in shock about that. Guess what book's sales are going to suddenly skyrocket??

Finally, I really fell in love with the characters, all over again with the repeats and for the first time with the newcomers. Peeta and Gale man, both so selfless. And the character development that happened with Effie was phenomenal! She's beginning to realize how screwed up the system actually is. And I felt so much for all the victors that were reaped for the second time. They did not deserve that to happen to them. Johanna and Beetee were my favourites. They were just so cool to get to know, y'know?

I really needed to get all this out of my head and into words so that I could go back to enjoying regular life. It almost seems unfair that the world is still going and there isn't a mandatory recuperation time where there are no responsibilities to worry about after watching Catching Fire. That should definitely be a thing. 

Hey! A song from the Hunger Games soundtrack just started playing on my laptop! That's fitting.

Let me know if you already have or are planning on seeing Catching Fire and say what you think in the comments!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sneak Peek

I have zero time to write but I'm still bursting with ideas aka the worst state of being to be in.

SO I have decided to give you a look into what's to come. Not saying that they'll be like in the coming week or even the coming month but that they're there and when I have some spare time that I don't use towards watching How I Met Your Mother, I'll be working on them! They're pretty great ideas, if I do say so myself.

Here you go.

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