Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feast Your Eyes (Warm Bodies Review)

It went like this: my friends and I needed to see a movie and there was hardly anything good playing in the theatres. We picked Warm Bodies even though I have an aversion to zombies since they just don't make sense. (See my rant here: Why I Hate Zombies)

I AM SO GLAD THAT HAPPENED. Seriously, I loved the movie. Sure, there were some flaws like the science was not working for me but I got over that quickly since it wasn't the point of the movie. Here are my thoughts in blurbs about the movie:

There were some hilarious parts in it. Like the entire inner monologue of the main zombie, R, at the beginning really caught my attention and made me giggle. It showed you that while he was full out zombie on the outside, on the inside he had thoughts but just couldn't communicate them.
"I'm so pale. I should get out more."
"I am lonely, I am lost. I mean I am literally lost, I have never been in this part of the airport before."

 Since we're speaking about R, why don't we just continue talking about him. I don't know how Nicholas Hoult did it but he made a zombie look hot. Props to his parents for creating this guy. At the beginning he was pretty gross, veins showing and eyes sunken in but as he became more "human" after he met Julie, they subtly started lessening the make-up and he started looking more like his incredibly attractive self.

And while he is nice to look at, I'd say he is extremely talented as well. He went for whole scenes without blinking and I have to say his zombie shuffle was very convincing. It looked kind of fun to do actually. His posture was so bad though, perfect for a zombie but horrible at the same time because it made me feel super self conscious about my own terrible posture.

The number of times I reminded myself to sit up was a lot.

For anyone who has seen it, did you notice all the Romeo and Juliet references? For anyone who hasn't, dudes zombies and Shakespeare how can this be? To be fair, it is very hidden, only made obvious to me when a balcony scene happened. But when you get the idea in your head, you start noticing all the other pieces of the puzzle and it all makes sense. It was mainly the characters that matched someone from Shakespeare's play:
R - Romeo
Julie - Juliet
M - Mercutio (Romeo's bestie)
Perry - Paris (Juliet's supposed to be husband)
Nora who wants to be a nurse - the Nurse
AND if you want to get all deep into the meaning of it, in Romeo and Juliet they both end up dead (spoiler alert) but in Warm Bodies they become alive at the end, both physically in his case and mentally in hers.

And while we're on the topic of noticing things (man am I good at segues right now) the actress who plays Julie, Teresa Palmer, looks so much like Kristin Stewart from Twilight it's insane. Just dye her hair brown and you're good to go.

Lastly but not leastly, DAT SOUNDTRACK. The music went perfectly with what was going on in each scene and really made things more memorable. I actually have some of the songs on my ipod now and when they shuffle on (pun NOT intended but still happily there get it shuffle like zombies but also shuffling your music) I can imagine the montage or whatever that went with it. Good job sound people. Pat on the back. Gold star. I just really enjoyed all the songs, ok.

All in all, this ZomRomCom was pretty sweet and pretty funny.

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