Monday, December 9, 2013

Things That Keep Me Up All Night: Catching Fire Edition

This is super trivial but I guess that's just how my brain works.

As you know, I saw Catching Fire a couple weeks ago. But seeing it reminded me of something I had wondered after reading the book. Namely, what were the remaining sections of the clock arena??

According to the Hunger Games wiki, the known sections were: lightning storm, blood rain, poisonous fog, monkey mutts, jabberjays, beast, giant wave, insects. That leaves 4 mystery sections.

More were mentioned in the book than in the movie but we still don't know the full 12 and will most likely never know. And it is completely unimportant to everything but some little part of me really wants to know what the gamemaker would have put.

What do you guys think? What things would have been horrendous enough to be included in the clock arena?

While we're on this topic, I need to get something else off my chest. I never fully understood how the arena could be controlled so well from so far away. How in the world do you control a poisonous gas so that it doesn't infiltrate another sector? And how do you make it dissipate so quickly. I get that it's a futuristic society but some sort of logic would be helpful. For example, the blood rain could come from sprinklers set into the trees. The monkeys have been mutated and could have hardware programming when to go bananas if you'll pardon my pun.

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