Friday, November 29, 2013


It's the final countdown...

There are only 2 more days until school is over and then I'll only have exams to worry about, hallelujah! I can see the finish line coming ahead and am pretty much functioning on adrenaline and pure will power right now. I still have about 4 more assignments and a paper to whip out before I can fully immerse myself in cramming the whole semester back into my head.

But I can't complain because my sister who's still in high school still has two more months of this semester and will probably be stressing about her summatives during the break while I get to go school supplies shopping!! Can you believe I actually filled up my notebook with notes? (What else would I fill it with, notes?) But it had almost 400 pages in it and practically all of them are covered in my semi-comprehensible scrawl.

I'm kind of scared for exams, three hours of sitting down and writing while being stressed out is not my cup of tea, especially because I can't stay still for that long. They only exams in high school that even got close to the three hour mark were my grade 11 and 12 physics ones and I was literally dancing in my seat trying to finish up. And what even is checking over your answers; that never happened. (that semicolon usage thanks to my technical report writing class. I did learn some useful things there apparently.) BUT that is not the attitude I'm going into them with, no sirree I love sitting and solving math problems it's what I live for.

Kind of embarrassed to say this so imma shove this paragraph in between the others and hope you non-existent readers don't notice it. I'm really going to miss my engineering mechanics discussion group because for one it was a really small class so I didn't feel overwhelmed and could actually ask questions and then secondly my TA was certifiably hot and that is a thing that I will miss.

Weird to think that more than half of my new friends will be leaving for a while once exams finish since they're all from "Toronto" and by "Toronto" I mean a tiny town that is anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half away from Toronto. I'm not used to everyone not being from Ottawa. Oh well, that means I'm obligated to hang out with fewer people over the holidays and can spend the time not working insane holiday hours destressing and doing pointless things like knitting mittens.

Sorry about this mind dump, I don't post very much personal stuff here so let me know if this is a good thing or if you just want my book reviews and list posts and things like that.

me sprinting away once school is over

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