Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things That Keep Me Up At Night: Famous People Edition

Famous people and twitter, to be exact.

We all probably know a crazy fangirl personally or at least have heard of them. A couple of my friends in high school were absolutely obsessed with boy bands COUGH one direction COUGH, which is absolutely fine. I happen to enjoy math and nerdy things and sports, they happen to love a band. But it went so far that they even had twitter accounts whose sole purposes were just to talk about the dudes in the band and make speculations about every aspect of their life and to defend them against anyone who would dare say something bad about them.

This is where I stop understanding the logic. Their main goal in life was to be followed by Niall or Harry or whomever because it was a thing that happened. These boys followed thousands of people and a lot of them were just fan accounts. What celebrity would want their twitter timeline to be absolutely filled with random people only EVER talking about said celebrity? I don't think anyone would want to check twitter and just see updates about themselves.

Obviously it's really nice of the famous person to follow their fans and pretty much make their entire life so, if I were one of these famous people, I'd have a secret account where I could follow whoever I wanted in peace and check that timeline instead. I'd still tweet from the verified one and reply to people via that one but there'd be the secret side one.

I wonder if any celebrities do that? What do you guys think? Or am I the first person ever to have this idea (I think not)

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