Friday, February 1, 2013

Poll Results:January 2013

The first poll question of the New Year was: What is your favourite type of severe weather?

And here are the results:

9 Votes! All time high! It was disappointing last time with only 3 people voting so I'm happy with this number. For February, it would be awesome to get into double digits!

As for the results, I kind of expected that Thunderstorms would win. They are the classic intense weather system and have all the aspects of a good show. (i.e. Bright lights and surround sound) Snowstorm and Lightning storm tied for second and I can see the appeal for both. Good job people, you met the expectations!

YOU: Since Valentine's Day is in February, obviously the poll for that month should be love related.
ME: No.
YOU: Red related?
ME: No.
YOU: Heart related?
ME: Maybe.
YOU: What kind of an answer is that?

ME: The next poll will be: What is your favourite internal organ?

YOU: Umm, okay.


  1. Arrived after the poll closed, but I agree with the results! Thunderstorms are awesome. (Got here via the Nerdfighter blog thread. Hello!)

    1. I feel like most people would. And good to meet another nerdfighter!

  2. I think you need to update poll in the side bar for the February question : ). (or I'm a complete doofus for not being able to find it.)

    1. You are completely right, don't worry. I was away for the weekend and not near a computer so I didn't get the chance until now. Vote away!


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