Sunday, February 24, 2013


math teacher material
Y'all know or heard of Jay Z right? He's a successful rapper, married to Beyonce and all around G.

The reason I am describing this guy to you is not because I am so into his style and music and just want everyone in the world to hear about it, it is because my math teacher has the initials J.Z. and everyone calls him that, teachers and students alike.

I find it really, really, extremely funny because he is the furthest thing from Jay Z. First of all, he's a math teacher. Little different than a rapper.

SIDE NOTE: You don't even know how many times we have tried to get him to rap but he refuses so my theory is that he's secretly an amazing rapper and practices in front of his mirror into a hairbrush every day.

Next, he is so socially awkward that it's hilarious. Not to mention that he's already hilarious on his own, bringing up random facts and using weird examples in class every day. Not the same as the swag the real Jay Z has going on.

Some examples of his funniness:
"This homework will be 5% inspiration, 90% perspiration and 5% deodorant."
"Your presentation  needs fun-ness. Wear silly hats. Also I might look at the content."
"I have 2p....what's so funny?"
"There's no fire and I can't find it!" 
So he officially has the Best Nickname Ever because it came about naturally from his name and because it doesn't suit him so much that it does.

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