Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poll Results: April

I'm really sad that not many people participated in this poll. Tree preferences genuinely interest me! Not to make myself sound even weirder than I already am...

Of all the two people that voted, all of them like willow trees.

Willows are on my favourite tree list, but they are in second place. But who could beat out a willow? Trembling aspens are pretty much the most awesome trees out there. When the wind blows, the cradle will not fall. Instead, all the leaves do this really cool shake-y thing and it's pretty nifty to look at. Plus the bark is white which is a thing that I like. Probably why birch trees are my third favourite.

Now, for the month of May, which happens to be the best month and also my birthday month (happy coincidence, eh?), I have decided on a poll that has to do with yet another weird thing that interests me. (I bet everyone has these weird interests, maybe not the same as mine but still very random I'm just the only one right now that's putting them out there, ok?) 

I want to know if you are right handed, left handed, cross dominant or ambidextrous. I'm betting you know three out of the four which gives you a pass but I'm also betting you want to know what the fourth is. Cross dominance is when you use each hand for different things but you can't do everything with both hands, capiche?

I'm cross dominant myself. I use my right hand to write but I do lots of sporty things with my left. It's fun!

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