Saturday, November 2, 2013

Poll Results: Fandoms

This poll was courtesy of spending the majority of my life on Tumblr. Fandoms run rampant over there and this was a way to see which type of people peruse my blog.

6 people voted which is not too shabby for my restart up of this blog! But obviously no one is part of only one fandom thus the option to pick as many options as you needed.

No surprise to me that Harry Potter won. It kind of reinforces the fact that everyone is in the Harry Potter fandom, whether you've only watched the movies or have your very own time turner. Harry Potter will always be around.

That got pretty philosophical.

As for the rest, I picked fandoms that were pretty popular so I think it's more interesting to look at the ones that didn't get votes. Hannibal is a fairly new fandom so that's understandable, Avengers seem less obsessive than most so maybe its fans don't spend their time on some nobody's blog to vote on a poll. Supernatural is kind of surprising since it usually goes hand in hand with Sherlock and Doctor Who which both have three votes each. Oh well, maybe they were crying somewhere.

Oh, you want to know my fandoms? Okay! I'm a fan of all the books listed here, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and John Green are all amazing reads. And then there's Sherlock which I became addicted to as soon as I first watched it. Smart move on my part because I totally love waiting and waiting and waiting for any news or new episodes.

Polls are bimonthly now, if y'all didn't notice so November and December's topic is: what's your favourite fruit? Why do I want to pry into your soul with this very revealing question? I am eating grapes at the moment.

Go forth and vote! Tell your friends! Tell your grandma! (But seriously, if you do that, tell me and I will give you infinite respect)

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