Friday, September 13, 2013

Guess Who's Back

(back again)

me abandoning ship
Hello all! You've probably thought I abandoned ship by now. I know I thought I did. Life got too hectic with graduating from high school and working all summer at camp to keep up with a blog. Although I'm kind of sad about that, I was doing okayish!

Now that I've started university, I kind of want to document my life again maybe with shorter posts that happen more often that are mainly me rambling. I thought about starting a whole new blog for that but what's the point since I've already made this one and people (like 4) actually know about it.

So this is me getting back on track, the monthly poll will get updated again, you will get to read my super interesting thoughts and get updates on my life. How's that sound? Perhaps I'll play around with my theme and get all weirded out whenever I look at my blog until I've gotten used to the newness because change is good. No matter how much I hate to admit that.

I have a wackload of stories from camp this summer and have just started a new chapter (how poetic) how my life in university studying to be an engineer so you shall be hearing from me!

Thanks for putting up with me,

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