Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reasons It's Good To Have A Messy Room

Instead of cleaning my room, like I should be doing, I have decided to use my time to make a post about why it's actually a good thing to have a messy* room. Makes sense. Maybe this is my teenage rebellion. Never really had one of those so I guess I'm due.

*Now, by "messy" I mean clothes a little all over the place and an unmade bed and random paper everywhere. I don't mean anything gross like food and garbage everywhere and all that extreme stuff.

1. It's a time saver. If you have to put every single thing away, all the time, it takes up your time to do that. To make sure your floor is completely spotless, your bed is made and everything in its place is a lot of effort that you can spend doing other things. (Yes, I know there are arguments on the other side of this one but we're just going to ignore them because that is not the point I am trying to make.)

2. Natural parkour course. You may laugh but it's true! Coming home and trying to get into your bed but having to avoid piles of papers and a random box you have out is no easy feat. There is a lot of jumping and balance required. This is not only fun but also improves agility and foot-eye coordination.

3. It's more "you". Seriously, you don't want your room to look like it just came out of an IKEA magazine. By having your collection of paint samples or all the make up you use on a regular basis out in the open, you give your room personality and make it your own.

4. Improves memory. It's like having all your contacts saved on your phone. Do you actually know your best friend's number or do you just know what button to press on your cellular device? That's the same with having a spot for certain things in your room. You won't even think, you don't even have to turn on your brain to find whatever you're looking for. Now if it's just ~somewhere~ you'll have to recall where you last saw it or what you were doing while you had it to discover its location. A great workout for the mind!

Once your read all these arguments, there is no way you could go back to having a regular ol' cleaned up living space, it's inconceivable!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: You don't even know how much I died laughing alone in my room while writing this. If I could have a job that involved thinking up plausible reasons for dumb things, I would die happy and so pleased with myself.)

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