Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book Juggling

Imagine that literally?

In this case, I'm talking about being in the middle of reading multiple books at a time. This is a thing that I do. My average is 3 books at a time.

Why exactly I do this is because I have different moods for what I'm reading. Sometimes I just really want to breeze through a mindless chick lit novel while other times I am so down for complicated subplots and dragons. There are even times when the main character of a book will just be annoying me too much and I will set that book down and pick up another because there is never a shortage of books in my house.

Another reason that just popped into my head is convenience. I am the kind of person that will just start a new book if the one I was reading at the time was in my room and I was on the couch. This way, I can just leave a book in all my reading locations and not have to wonder where I set it down last. You could come into my house and find a book on the kitchen table, beside my bed, on the floor near the couch, in my backpack and even sometimes in the bathroom.

It almost feels weird to only have one book on the go but that rarely happens anyway. There's nothing worse than not knowing what to do with yourself once you've finished a book so being in the middle of two other stories makes the brain shift that much easier. Just as long as no characters have the same name, it's quite simple to keep everything straight in my head.

Question: what are your book reading habits? Are you a big book juggler? Do you have any weird reading locations? Please share in the comments!


  1. Hello Karen :) I just discovered your blog about 15 minutes ago.

    My reading habits? Usually I read 2 books concurrently - one ebook that I have easy and constant access to on my phone, and one physical book. I'm not really a big book juggler cos I get confused really easily and I start mixing up the characters from each book :c I like being Focused.

    As for reading locations, I just like to read at my dining table because the chairs are adequately comfortable yet not too squishy because I like chairs with sufficient support. Once I read through an approximately-500-paged-book while sitting on my sofa and I got a backache that lasted for one day :( the oddest reading location of mine would be ........ *drumroll* the toilet bowl. It is actually quite a nice spot for reading haha pls don't judge

    Anyway can we b frenz I think we share a similar interest for books :) and also I only recently discovered the Magic that is Nerdfighteria which is how I chanced upon your blog (I got the link from some forum post of yours) maybe you could help me out there :) Plus I am a (semi-retired) blogger and I love the colour blue too w o w so many things in common it's almost like we are destined to be friends!!!! Tell me a little more about yourself.

    xoxoxoxo Faith waiting in anticipation for your reply so that I can start introducing myself properly and get down to the being-friends business

    1. Hello Faith!!

      You don't even know how happy I am that you replied. Not only are you very awesome (no judgement on the toilet location bro. I have lost track of time reading in the bathroom many times!) but you think I'm awesome and that just blows my mind!

      Send me a message on Nerdfighteria and I'm sure we'll become super friends! I look forward to hearing from you!

      -Karen :)


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