Friday, October 11, 2013

Capslock Dilemma

I've done quite a bit of typing in my time as a human being. I've gained the power to type at the speed of light, have discovered all the shortcuts and have felt the pain of attempting French accents on an English keyboard.It's all good: the letters, the formatting, the keyboard. BUT there is one thing that has irked me since the dawn of time.

This thing is that you cannot highlight a portion of text then press a button and either capitalize all of it or uncapitalize all of it. This would be extremely helpful if you had capslock on by accident and didn't notice your mistake until after you had typed a lot already. In this scenario, you'd have to erase everything you wrote, triple check that capslock is indeed turned off them rewrite it all. Now wouldn't it just be super convenient if you could transform it into something else just like you can bold a passage or italicize a phrase.

Seriously, it has always killed me that this is a thing even though it can totally be fixed.

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