Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Plea From The Dark

I watched a movie today.

(irrelevant but it was City of Bones. Let me know if you want a review cause that it a thing I can do!)

Besides making comments about the casting, singing songs that would have been super relevant to the scene and giggling at the puns made, my friend and I noticed a thing. And that thing was that it was really hard to see what was going in.

I kid you not, 1/3 of the screen was, in general, quite dark at any given moment. Yes, I understand that they're in a pre-electricity era mansion and that every single fight scene must be done in the dark and/or while it's raining but do you really have to make it so realistic that it is hardly possibly to tell that the protagonist's hair colour is red, let alone what she's up to?

At first we thought it could be the angle that we were viewing it from thus came the moving around the room and standing on the couch to try and get a better perspective. Which, in retrospect, would have been funny to walk into. It was kind of like Sherlock in The Blind Banker. And in that moment, we were Sherlock. (Can you tell that it is past midnight and I just ate a handful of those mini m&m's?)

well that was quite the tangent
Our efforts were futile and we were subjected to finishing the movie squinting at the screen and having to ask each other what just happened every 46 seconds.

To end this, I know that all the famous movie lighting directors follow my blog religiously so I'm talking to you guys. PLEASE make movies have better lighting. You can make it blue light to make everything seem all dark and depressing but please just give the viewers something to work with and let everything in the shot be visible. We came for a story, not to be awed by the realism of "it's pretty much exactly what it would look like if I was in a cave!"


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