Monday, November 5, 2012

Chapters, why must you play with my heart?

A little background info:
3 weeks ago today, I went in for an interview at Chapters. Working there is basically my dream job because books so I was super excited and had all my hopes up and everything. I felt that the interview went really well, I knew my stuff and didn't seem nervous on the outside. (Although on the inside it's a completely different story.) I figured I'd wait a week before actually expecting a callback since I went on the first day of a week full of interviews, according the the manager who spoke to me.
But, nothing. Eventually I accepted that I wouldn't get a callback and why did I get my hopes up so high since I'm not even an English major or anything so why would they pick me. (My thoughts are always run-on sentences. This is the most accurate I could make it.)


it's a plot twist, ok?

I got a telephone call this afternoon. I thought nothing of it until I heard the voice of that very manager asking me to come back for my second interview in two days.

My reaction (after I had calmly answered in a calm and completely not uncalm fashion) was to start hyperventilating and smiling and just lay down on the floor for a while. Then I told everyone who would actually care and then I sent a quick thank you prayer up to God cause, seriously, those were some major strings he pulled.

I am literally so happy right now because I am one step closer to actually being employed and to boot it would hardly feel like work when it's basically helping people find awesome books and just shelving stuff. (Which I kind of enjoy.)

Me right now
The interview is on Wednesday so I shall keep you in the loop!

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