Saturday, November 24, 2012

Uncommon Claustrophobia

If you probably haven't noticed yet, I'm weird. The things I'm really interested don't even cross the minds of other people and random things about me are just odd.

So when normal people who are claustrophobic hate being in small enclosed spaces, I hate wearing layers or zipping up my jacket. It's not that I'm scared of doing that, it's just that I can't handle it.

Seriously, if I'm wearing a shirt with a sweater, I dread putting my jacket on over top because I just feel like I have way too much on me in one place. Having three layers with a long sleeved shirt being the first layer pretty much kills me since it restricts my elbow movement. Even wearing an tank top under a slightly-too-low shirt is very annoying for me.

I legitimately wait until the last second in the fall to actually start wearing my jacket. I will freeze in just a sweater for as long as I can hold out until I resign myself to putting on that last layer. But even then, I won't zip it up unless there is a strong wind. My logic is that I have my sweater to keep me relatively warm so I won't need to close myself in with a zipper unless the wind is just cutting through me.

This is why I don't really like autumn or winter too much. Winter redeems itself with fun things you can do in snow and Christmas, at least, but all the clothing I have to wear just sucks.

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