Friday, November 16, 2012

Why I Hate Zombies

I guess I hate zombies because I don't understand them.

Like, maybe reanimated corpses could become a reality, at least in fictional books, with dark magic and whatnot. Like necromancer powers.

But the fact that this "disease" can be spread through being bitten by another zombie makes absolutely no sense. This virus kills you then brings you back to life where your sole purpose is to eat brains?

It's the brains part that kills me. WHY in the world would dead things want to eat brains? They are completely not any better than the rest of your body for nourishment which zombies actually don't need at all.

No sense is being made here. Someone come explain the idea of zombies to me and I will finally know true happiness.


  1. I think the idea of zombies was to scare people in the 1960's. They aren't scary anymore because there are plenty scarier things existing today- like sparkly vampires.
    Now, this is the age where science fiction becomes science fact, so you'd better get your shotguns ready.

  2. Uh. I think I know! B-br-r-rrrr-grrr-aah-ii-n-zzz sounds better for horror movies than something like...I dunno N-n-oh-sss-tttrrrr-grrr-iii-lll-zzz.
    Okay, my theory failed.


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