Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 10 Favourite Smells

Warning: some may be a little weird.

1. Rain.
2. Clean sheets.
3. Lightly toasted marshmallows.
4. Sharpie.
5. Campfire.
6. Vanilla.
7. Citrus.
8. Unpolluted air.
9. Grass.
10. Purell.

I wonder what would happen if I came across a campfire in unpolluted air where there was grass and it had just rained and there were people lightly toasting marshmallows to eat with some vanilla and citrus after having done their laundry, colour with Sharpie and sanitized their hands.

Those are them. What are yours?

1 comment:

  1. My favorite smells:
    1. Wet dog (no kidding, really, I love that).
    2. Melting snow
    3. Yellow Roses
    4. Oak and Pine
    5. A barn with owls in it
    6. Ice rain
    7. Hair after shower
    8. Libraries
    9. Water, RIVERS
    10. Grass being cut

    What is your least favorite smell?


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