Thursday, December 6, 2012

Twilight Grocery Shopping

Last night I commented to my mother how we needed some items of food for me to properly pack my lunch the next day. She absentmindedly told me to get some money and walk to the grocery store for all of it. "This is totally normal. I help around the house with activities such as grocery shopping too." you may say. The thing is, this was at 9:30 at night. I don't think she was fully awake or else she would have made me wait until tomorrow afternoon but I didn't want to have a lame lunch so I grabbed my sister and we were out the door.

The grocery store is a short 7 minute walk from our house and we amused ourselves by being dressed in our pyjamas and singing along to my sister's ipod.

Please note that she was the one who had the earphones in. I was just singing from what I could get from her singing so I was usually a beat off or didn't know where we were since she was mumbling the melody due to LACK of MEMORIZATION SKILLZ. We were listening to the silly song Bellybutton from VeggieTales and when it got to the part where the caterpillar raps, I completely aced it. We were a sight to behold, skipping through a parking lot rapping about "umbilical equivocals".

Anyways, we got the groceries and went along our merry way, all the while probably getting weird looks from the adults who were also there because since when do two teenage girls go to the store at nighttime to buy healthy stuff like carrots. (Well, we also bought ice cream but that is beside the point.) No one else was talking but that didn't stop us from carrying on our conversation about how non-2012 a Chicken Soup for the Soul book cover looked.

And that was the extent of our close-to-midnight adventure. I think we should do it more often.It was the right time of night that everything was slightly silly and we weren't tired enough to be zombies.

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