Saturday, December 1, 2012

Poll Results: Favourite Season

The results are in! I put a poll on the side bar asking what people's favourite season was and left it there for the duration of November.

Only 7 people voted. Whatever, at least they did. Hopefully the numbers will increase as time goes on!

I have to say, I am extremely shocked with the results. They were:
Spring: 0
Summer: 0
Autumn: 3
Winter: 4

You can't look at this and tell me you're not also surprised. I expected the autumn votes. Even though I am not into fall at all, with all the orange and cinnamon and pumpkins and layers of clothing and dying leaves and coldness, lots of other people are. 

But winter? And enough votes that it actually wins? Did NOT see that coming. I expected spring and summer to be the more popular ones because the weather is actually nice out. Yes, winter brings certain winter activities but I didn't think it outweighed all the perks of summer.

I never cease to be amazed.

As for my favourite season, it's spring. Could be because I was born in it but seriously, all the plants are coming back to life, the weather is warming up, school is finishing up and everything just feels happier.

Congratz winter, people actually like you!


  1. Huh. I like winter, for that is my b-day and new year (one half of family) and christmas (other half of family and like half my giant family's b-days, half b-days, candle parties and whatnot, but first time I see it winning!

  2. What? SUMMER FOR THE WIN! I wish I had seen the poll before!


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