Saturday, December 8, 2012

Missing: Toothepaste

Just now, a catastrophe struck.

We ran out of toothpaste.

Does that even happen in this day and age? We normally have a drawer absolutely stacked with extra toothpaste and then all the members of our family have their own tube. I guess we were all running out at the same time and didn't think that there wasn't any toothpaste in the replenishing drawer of destiny so we continued along our merry way of usage of toothpaste and ran out. 

Like, if you had a toothpaste detector, you would not find a single drop of toothpaste EXCEPT for this random half finished tester biodegradable toothpaste I discovered just sitting under the sink cabinet. It pretty much saved the day until we could get to a store and buy a buttload of toothpaste slash like 4 tubes.

This is my story.
How wasteful

I guess the moral is to know the true value of toothpaste before it's too late.


  1. Hi there! I'm Asia! :)
    I found you through nerdfighteria haha, how crazy is that?

    By the way, the 'before it's too late' is such a true phrase. I mean, the possible consequences of me running out of toothpaste are especially sinister. I shall never ever consciously forget to buy some more of it, you can never have enough!

  2. Nerdfighteria is an awesome way to find awesome people!

    Exactly, when I saw that we had none left, I freaked out because obviously it was night time and nothing was open. Live and learn.


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