Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Holiday Life

I was supposed to make this post BEFORE all this stuff actually went down, you know, to warn you that I'm am out and about, going places and seeing people, and won't be online. Well that went very well. I'm so good at this.

Anywho, let me tell you about my life for the past couple of weeks!

We'll start with the last day of school.
Mine was less pretty

I gave and received my Secret Koala gifts. What were they, you ask whilst screaming at my through the computer screen in anticipation. Well, I gave my person a giant cupcake (it used a whole cake batter but definitely was in the shape of a cupcake. I was very proud of it.) and some mustache earphones. From my Secret Koala person, I got some nifty homemade bracelets and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians DVD. Can't say that I'm a fan of the movie but I adore the books plus Logan Lerman is in it which more than makes up for everything.
It was a snow day plus the last day before the holidays so all my teachers completely gave up on the idea of trying to stuff some information into our heads. So, in chem, we decorated our door, making a paper chain Christmas tree and modifying the title of the room to Chemis-tree. (I actually enjoyed that pun very much.) For math, all we did was watch Youtube videos. Cat Person, Dog Person was a highlight for me since the cat person was spot on in acting the way my cats do. Data consisted of us playing telephone pictionary which made for some major laughs, especially when our exchange students didn't know what some of the words were and just guessed. I usually have a spare last but I decided to drop in to my basketball coach's class where there was food and a movie. A good decision on my part, I must say.
And finally, on that same day, my school had our annual talent show which was pretty spectacular. The good ones were amazing and the bad ones still got lots of support from the crowd. I love my school.

A couple days later was Christmas. Now, I'm originally from Brazil even though I live in Canada but that means that most of my family is still over there. That means we don't do very big holiday get-togethers. It's usually just my mother, my younger sister and I. And I like it this way. Yes, I'm sad I don't get to wrestle in the snow with all my guy cousins but it does majorly reduce stress seeing as we don't have to prepare anything at all. With Christmas comes Christmas presents! Which I will tell you about in detail at a later time.

Finally, to end my holiday travels, my friend and I bussed over to Kingston to see another friend of ours from the summer camp I worked at all summer. Many ridiculous inside jokes were created and a total of 7 movies were watched in the span of two days plus one night. Don't believe me? Ask me anything about the following movies:
- The Hobbit (YES I shall do a review later on)
- Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Meh, it was okay)
- Pitch Perfect (Is there a more perfect movie?)
- The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Liked it more than I thought I would)
- Easy A (Oh Emma Stone, how awesome can you get?)
- What to Expect When You're Expecting (Very droll)
- In Time (Didn't like the concept too much)


We then all commuted to the very same camp for the staff reunion where our time was divided between eating that amazing food and collecting bruises on the ice rink while playing broomball. The New Year was counted down right on the rink actually! We paused it at 40 seconds to go, counted down, hugged a minimum of 7 people each then got right back to playing.

The night after I came home, I barfed. At least 11 of us that were at that Staff Reunion had the flu when we got home. Such close quarters would do that to a person.

That is the end of my saga! To be honest, it is one of the way more exciting Christmas break's I've had in a while seeing as I am not a social butterfly in the slightest. Thanks if you actually read the whole thing.

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