Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Christmas Haul

It's Christmas! Luckily, no one in my family is crazy and we all woke up at a reasonable enough hour this morning. I never see the point of getting up at 4am or something like that since you don't notice time go by while you're asleep. It's not like you're bored and doing nothing, you are completely unconscious and unaware that you are missing out on time. So that's my reasoning for getting a decent amount of sleep on Christmas morning.

But no one cares about that.

So here's an extensive list of what I received this Christmas along with any commentary necessary. Be happy for me, be weirded out by what kind of things I enjoy receiving, or be jealous, whatever you wish.

- Fuzzy socks. For those cold winter nights when my cat is hogging all the blankets.
- Multi-coloured socks. Something you should know: I don't ever wear matching socks but I do make sure that the colours and patterns go together. It's actually a lot of effort!
- A purple shirt.
- A sweater that looks like it's inside out BUT it's actually supposed to be that way. Bonus because the itchy side is on the outside.
- Chocolate. Our tradition is to have those chocolate oranges for Christmas every year but we couldn't find them this year. We remedied that by eating a clementine at the same time as the chocolate. Genius, right?
- The Journal of Awesome. Kind of like a DIY Book of Awesome. I will definitely be sharing some of my AWESOME things here.
- Ice cubes in the shape of guitars and basses. Don't worry, there's an actual reason, my family is not just crazy. This is to commemorate me learning the bass this summer, coupled with my love of ice cubes.
- A pack of assorted blue and green office supplies. You may think this is a boring present but it's NOT. I like those things.
- A notebook. I have dubbed it my beside table notebook to write down all those spur of the moment ideas I tend to have right before dropping off to sleep.
- Burt's Bees chapstick.
- A book called "The Christian World of The Hobbit". Really looking forward to reading this since The Hobbit is one of my favourite books and it'll be cool to see all the Christian elements hidden inside!
- A phone. I know, I'm in my last year of high school and I'm just getting a phone now? It has saved us a ton of money to not have one but now it's pretty necessary with all the extra-curriculars I do and university looming ahead.

I'm not very easy to shop for but "Santa" pulled through! I am extremely happy and plan on enjoying all these things to their full potential.

I'm surprised there was room under the tree for presents
since the cats decided to take up permanent residence there.

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