Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summatives Suck

Microsoft Word doesn't even recognize it as a word because they suck so much.

Literally me.
But seriously, no one appreciates them. Yes, it's nice to not have 30% of your final mark be based on one exam (for some people) but adding a whole layer of stress does not help the matter. Literally no one has time for this. When they decided to implement summatives, they totally did not take into consideration that teachers are already trying to cram the last bit of the course into our heads after realizing we are very behind schedule PLUS we need to put in some time studying for this test that only covers, oh, everything we've done this semester. Why not add in a super project that is also supposed to cover everything learned in the course that takes up so much time to complete.

Absolutely everyone hates summatives, even some teachers. It's hard for them because they have to mark that and the exam all before the due date to have their marks in.

Overall there's just way too much stress. We should be enjoying the new year but instead, we're freaking out about keeping track of all the coursework we need to complete before we just lie down and let exhaustion overtake us.

This rant courtesy of my super stressed out brain.

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