Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i'm a rebel

See how I connected the words in the title to how I wrote the title? I am rebelling against conventional grammar rules? Yes? Yes? Okay.

NOT THE POINT, it just needed to be pointed out.

I am of the delicate age of 17 where I am still considered a child at some moments, but not actually in others. So that brings us to the question of: Is It Acceptable For Me To Be Out Trick Or Treating?

First of all, I am totally going full out with my costume. (As you can read about in this post: http://thecontentsofmy-brain.blogspot.ca/2012/10/t-swizzle-for-halloween.html) I am not just slapping on a tiara and saying I'm a princess just so I can go and get free candy. I worked hard on it and I want to show off!
Secondly, I'm not stealing candy opportunities away from the little children. The people bought candy so that they could give it away on Halloween. I am helping them complete that task, pretty much.
And lastly, I don't think anyone is even going to question me going out since I am so short and look way younger than I actually am so who cares! I'm going for it!

And it will be awesome.


  1. You are so awesome. I think you should be getting more comments than this. How many do you have so far, anyways?

  2. Why, thank you!
    You actually made my life by being the first person to comment! I never know if people are actually reading this thing but it's good to know at least someone is :)


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