Friday, October 12, 2012


I've noticed that while I'm fully comfortable with teachers and random people on the internet reading what I write, I am completely uncool with anyone in my immediate family with doing so.

I have absolutely no explanation to why. It should be the opposite, shouldn't it? I act like my true self around them that doesn't come out at school or in public. Well, I guess school is public but I like having multiple examples so whatever. So it should make sense that whatever I write down will be taken the same way as I act with my family.

But I just can't. My mom will read the same essay that my teacher just read over and thoroughly destroyed with the red pen (cause even though I've got a blog that I like to write in, English is not my strongest subject. My theory is that I'm way to funny in writing for my teachers to handle.) and I'll feel all apprehensive and all these other emotions I didn't whilst handing the essay in for class.

I don't actually know where I'm going with this, I've just noticed and decided to share. You can over-analyse me if you'd like and tell me about it in THE COMMENTS. Cause they exist. And you could totally post there. And make me feel better about myself.

Oh gosh, when I am a super popular blogger that gets ARC to review I'm going to look back on these first posts and be like "Wow, I used to have to beg people to comment on stuff. I was so pathetic."

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  1. Have you never seen a popular blogger beg for comments? Well, actually they sort of order you to comment, but whaevevs.


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