Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Best Kind of Babysitting

You know what seriously is the best? Night babysitting. You get there around 7 and the kid(s) are either already asleep or your sole job is to send them into dreamland.

It rocks when they're already asleep because then you just get to chill in someone else's home on the off chance that the child wakes up. Most parents are super nice and offer you the run of their internet, TV and kitchen which is totally ok by me.

And when all you have to do is but them to bed, it's not bad at all. Speaking for myself here, I'm not that good at thinking up ways to entertain kids so unless they're the type with the overactive imagination that turns everything into a game or the quiet one that likes to amuse themselves I have to work hard to always keep the kid busy. That said, when I know that I need to get them in bed and sleeping, all I have to do is follow the steps to make sure that happens. We put pyjamas on, we brush our teeth, we read a story and then the light goes off. Sure, some kids don't want to sleep but it's easy to wear them out or just be firm about it.

Side Note: Another amazing thing when you are a babysitter is having the kids recognize you and love having you around. Seriously, them jumping around and hugging you when you arrive has to be the best welcome ever.

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