Thursday, October 25, 2012

T Swizzle for Halloween

It's official. I am going as Taylor Swift for Halloween this year. I've gotten many comments that I look like Taylor Swift, mainly because I have blonde curly hair so I've decided to make the best of that!

Plus, her new album, RED, just came out recently so everyone is freshly obsessed with her. It just works perfectly.

Here's the plan (so that maybe you could join me!):
Make-up - Just use liquid eye liner on top of your upper lash line and continue it a little further to make little wings. Then put on mascara as per usual. Red lipstick is always a staple for Taylor making it easier for you to decide what you should wear on your lips!

Hair - If you're blonde, then lucky you! If you have any other colour sitting on your head, you can always buy a wig or just not care about that slight detail. But do wear it in one of the following styles. The controlled curls look that bounce freely around your face or the sleek straight look that is usually pulled back into a side ponytail. Either is pretty recognizable as a Thing That Taylor Swift Would Do.

Clothes - I always see Taylor wearing cute floral print dresses or anything that's polka dotted or striped. Her main colours are red, white and black but obviously she wears other colours like blue and green.

Shoes - Pair the rest of your outfit with cute shoes! Taylor usually wears either cowboy boots, flats, high heels or brown oxfords.

And there you have it! That's all there is to it.

I love being small enough that I can still trick or treat at 17.

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