Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why I Love the Library

Ok, seriously. About half my posts are book-related. THIS ISN'T ALL I DO. I swear there are other things that I enjoy and that are going on my life. For realz.

But I want to enumerate some reason why I love the library.

1. Free books. Have you ever heard a better pair of words? (Probably. Like, "no cancer" or "bellybutton lint") If I were to buy every single book I've ever read, I would either not read very often due to brokeness or not care that I was broke and buy them anyways and be in debt to a loan shark and they'd steal my house and I'd cry. Either situation is unpleasant so YAY for libraries. There's no limit to how many books I can take out, there's no continuous or start-up fee, it's amazing! The sole purpose of a library is to give everyone a chance to readas much as possible. It's sweet.
2. Pretty layouts. If you think about it, libraries are pretty much art-holding-buildings. They are where carefully crafted volumes of words are kept so it makes sense that the actual place is artsy too. Every library I've been to has had it's own unique flair that makes it just gorgeous to be standing in. I don't mean old-fashioned, beautiful stone structures or whatever, although those are great, I mean lots of colours, cozy nooks, tons of posters and just an openness to having people being there. It's pretty awesome.
3. Nice people. This is a stereotype, but it's a nice one so shh. It seems to me that libraries are only filled with nice people. Moms with their little kids zigzagging through the shelves, scholarly men who are looking for something to relax to, teenagers that aren't partying and upsetting the balance of the universe with their reckless and atrocious behaviour. Cause reading is for everyone but those that really enjoy it are the quiet nicer type, in my opinion, and the library is where we all flock. The only place you can find a nicer group of people is at a blood bank.

These are the biggies that come together to create all the small perks of libraries like studying with your friend or finding your next favourite book because it was recommended by the person browsing beside you. It's just so nice to have libraries.

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